we eat our young

forevercycles // theresa manchester


Chicago, IL - September 2nd through September 5th

Kalamazoo/Detroit, MI September 6th through September 10th
Toronto - September 11th through September 16th

Ottawa - September 17th through September 20th

Montreal and Quebec City - September 20th through September 30th

Let me know if you’d like to create something awesome… or shoot some zivity sets, or anything really.

and they lie to you about that value. you don’t age like a fine wine.. you don’t leave a mark on your world.. you just fade away, like sound as you move from the source, like ink on old paper… // erica jay // ra-4 prints bathed in acid, washed, repeatedly dipped in isopropyl and burned // san juan

no matter the lines // mary celeste // print + watercolor

trashlight vigil // macy // no photoshop

you cant move me // mary celeste // no photoshop

from the stage, through the discourse, i kept seeing the same face.. over and over, burning like powdered wick, harsh and intent // aubrey zich // san juan