we eat our young

no masks - the friends and enemies of doctor crocodile // zoe // north carolina

night never falls in the white hot room // zoe // north carolina

one-thousand and one ( how many eyes does she have? ) // zoe // north carolina

a dryad unwelcome: no home above the earth // jade // north carolina

technicolor blast beat 16ths for days // theresa // st. louis

smash tv commentator, ain’t no robotron here // zoe // north carolina

it shines black velvet // zoe // north carolina

toxic bubble(gum) bobble // zoe // north carolina

a fifth child of compson // amy

we are the endless // mike

..but it’s nothing new to me // onoh // mixed media

As a little belated Valentines Day gift to my friends and fans, I wanted to offer my short story “Erased”, featuring dozens of never before seen images, for free.

All of the film used in the series was damaged physically, and subsequently thrown away. Only 20 copies of “Erased” were ever made, and have since sold out.

View the whole story here: erasedbook.tumblr.com