we eat our young

..but it’s nothing new to me // onoh // mixed media

As a little belated Valentines Day gift to my friends and fans, I wanted to offer my short story “Erased”, featuring dozens of never before seen images, for free.

All of the film used in the series was damaged physically, and subsequently thrown away. Only 20 copies of “Erased” were ever made, and have since sold out.

View the whole story here: erasedbook.tumblr.com

"If dese be projects, dey should be completed", a sentiment that could be seen sprayed on inumerous buildings as my girlfriend and I walked in and out of abandoned, unfinished housing in New Orleans’ Florida Projects. If you think you see images within the images, you do. I shot these images on an underexposed roll that had photos I took of her in the bath, because this place, even in representation, could use all of the love that it can get.


From my set “Butane”, model Theresa Manchester, photos by noisenest